Two’s Sweep

Following feedback received from members, it has been decided that in future, entry to the above will be optional. If you do not wish to enter the sweep, please advise the person in the shop when you pay your entry fee. 

For those who do wish to enter the sweep, prize money will continue to be paid for birdies on the 6th, 13th, 15th and 17th holes, together with any two’s on par 4’s or par 5’s. 

In the winter months, two’s will count on all holes. 

                          COMPETITION PRIZES

In future, to ensure consistency, vouchers will be given out as follows:

Numbers playing:                    Number of prizes

60+                                     3 divisions, 3 prizes per division

50-59                                  2 divisions; 3 prizes per division 

40-49                                  1 division; 6 prizes 

30-39                                  1 division; 5 prizes 

20-29                                  1 division; 4 prizes

Less than 20                       1 division; 3 prizes 

If there are 3 divisions, they will be 0-12; 13-16 and 17-28. If there are 2 divisions, they will be 0-14 and 15-28.   

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