Dress Code

Golf Course Dress Code

  • All shirts must be an approved golf shirt. ‘New style’ round/crew neck golf shorts are acceptable
  • Collarless and/or sleeveless shirts or T-shirts are not considered acceptable
  • All golf shirts must be worn inside waistband at all times. Ladies however may wear tops outside their trousers or skirts when they are designed to do so
  • No jeans, denims or track-suit bottoms or cargo pants
  • Recognised golf shoes must be worn
  • Shorts must be tailored
  • Peaked hats or caps must not be worn other than with the peak to the front, and must be removed before entering the Clubhouse

Clubhouse Dress Code

  • Dress should be smart/casual throughout the Clubhouse
  • Examples of clothing styles which are not acceptable are:- football related clothing, track/shell suits, cargo pants, wet, ripped or dirty clothing/waterproofs
  • Summer: Tailored shorts can be worn in the Clubhouse
  • No studded footwear, golf shoes or trainers in the Clubhouse except the Spike Bar and locker rooms
  • General meetings of the Club require jacket, collar and tie

If you see anyone inappropriately dressed please tell either one of the Club officials or a member of staff.